Due Date Fee / Person  
Early Bird (Nov. 15 2013) $170.00(USD)  
Regular (Dec. 9. 2013) $190.00(USD)  
Walk-in (Dec. 26. 2013) $240.00(USD) (Registration begins at 11AM)
Day Pass $50.00(USD)  

* Online Registration is closed now!
* Please use walk-in registration on the event day.

Did you register already?

Please check this registration guide page for your on site registration guide.

Go Higher Calling Registration

  1. Registration fee covers meals, lodging and conference fees
  2. Eligible attendees are hgh school students, college students and up.
  3. Day Care for children will not be available at the site
  4. Please register only once and use your real name and email address
  5. If you are a seminar speaker or mission booth member, please register through Higher Calling Office
  6. Registration fee once received will not be refundable

Registration fees and deadlines:

  1. Please remember and keep the deadlines
  2. Group registration is eligible for 10 or more people


  1. Payment will be completed when both online registration and actual payment (check, Paypal, etc.) are done
  2. Please make the check payable to “Higher Calling”, write down your name or organization on the memo section and mail it to the following address:

Address: Higher Calling Office
1636 W. 8th St. Suite #100 Los Angeles CA 90017

Contact: Phone 213-389-5222 / E-Mail: